Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association

In Grassroots Soccer it's about more than the wins and losses

We love it when it’s obvious that coaches care about their players more than they do about winning.

When U11 teams from Seaway Valley Soccer Club and West Ottawa Soccer Club realized that they were going to have an unfair match up for a game, the coaches got together and came up with a plan that saw both teams have a great experience.

In Grassroots soccer (U8 to U12) one of the reasons we don't keep score is so that coaches feel empowered to adjust the game however it needs so that the players have a good, safe experience. We know that parents and players keep score anyway, but the game is about so much more than that.

"it made all the difference in the world surrounded by positive and encouraging people”.

Well done, Rob, Binh, Mindy and Kwame.

Thank you for being ambassadors of player focused soccer

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