Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association


Committees are an integral part of the EODSA Governance system.  They form a link between the member Clubs and the decision making process of the EODSA Board.  

Committees are made up of 7 members each:

  • 1 Chair
  • 2 Independents
  • 4 Members,1 each from the following groups: National Clubs, Provincial 1 and 2 clubs combined, youth Quality Soccer Provider Clubs and Adult Clubs

Click here for a list of our member Clubs and their associated group.  These are estimates based on where the Clubs will be once all licensing work is completed.

There are 3 Committees of the Board.  Click on the committee to see its Terms of Reference (TOR):

Governance and Strategic Planning

Finance and Audit


There are 3 Operational Committees.  Click on the committee to see its TOR:

District League Management Committee



Committee members are encouraged to reach out to the Clubs in their group to elicit feedback on matters at hand. 

If a position is vacant, it will not be filled by any other group, and therefore, the Clubs in that group will not be represented on the committee.

The Diversity committee is not made up of Club representatives, but rather individuals from our community who can help us achieve diversity in soccer.

Committee Documents available for public viewing will be posted below:

Diversity Committee:

EODSA Diversity Committee - Glossary of Terms

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