EODSA Diversity and Inclusion Committee Update - Nov 2020
November 9, 2020

The EODSA Diversity Committee that was created this summer has had some great meetings and discussions so far.
There has already been a survey sent out to our member Clubs to get some information about where their Club is currently at and what measures they are taking regarding Diversity in their Club. The survey also asked for feedback regarding how the EODSA can support its Clubs in Diversity and Inclusion. The committee is moving forward on some initiatives based on the feedback from this survey. 

The Committee wants to start creating more awareness and educate everyone within the District on the topics of Diversity and Inclusion.
The first step has been to create a Glossary of Terms to create this awareness of the words being used and provide education regarding what they mean. The Glossary of Terms can be found on the Committees page under the Diversity Committee: https://eodsa.e2esoccer.com/DisplayPage.aspx?PageID=6071
EODSA Diversity Committee - Glossary of Terms

We will post further updates as the committee work progresses

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