EODSA creates Diversity and Inclusion Committee
July 30, 2020

The EODSA supports the movements against systemic racism and is committed to eliminating discrimination in soccer within its Clubs and membership. We are fortunate that soccer is a far reaching game played all over the world that can bring people together. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and be welcomed into our game for who they are without any biases based on their differences. 

It is important to put action behind our words so that we can make a lasting change in our community. 

To that end, the EODSA has created the Diversity Working Committee. We know that we don't have all of the skills and knowledge required to address this important issue so we are collaborating with experts; Universities, the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health, the Ottawa Police Service and the Catholic Centre for Immigration.  Working with these organizations, the committee will be well set up to address the issues of diversity and inclusion in soccer. 

Everyone who joins soccer in our Clubs and membership should feel safe, respected, valued and included. The Diversity Working Committee will be leading our District, Clubs and membership forward in this direction so we can grow our sport stronger together.

We will post further updates as committee work progresses.


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