Engagement Opportunity
June 15, 2018

Hello Soccer Community,

Canada Soccer with the support of the Provinces and Territorial Associations is happy to share with you a unique engagement opportunity to support the development of a new measure of sport experience for children and youth. Researchers from the University of Toronto, McMaster, and Nipissing are studying the most important elements of quality sport with a goal of developing a measure to help understand and monitor quality and assess the impacts and outcomes of quality sport experiences. Please find attached some additional information on this opportunity.

As it aligns very well to the work currently underway on the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program that is soon to be launched, Canada Soccer is supporting this important research. As a part of that support, we are asking for your help in sharing this information with your membership with the goal of engaging members of the soccer community (coaches, parents, and children and youth (ages 10-18) to participate in interviews and/or focus groups to help in the development of this measure. If you could share this information through the channels available to you in order to reach these important representatives of the soccer community, it would be very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, at present, interviews and focus groups are only being conducted in English. We apologize in advance for the challenges that this presents in some communities.

Thank you in advance for your support of this optional initiative.

Further details and information regarding participation can be found here: Communication - Sport Experiences Measure - CSA.pdf

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