Once you have created a card you will get an email back when the card has been printed. 

If you need an ID Card for your game next week, please choose the pick up option to ensure you have it on time for your game.

Cards for pick-up are usually ready by next business day. Please check our current office hours on the homepage.
Cards to be mailed will take from 5-7 days to arrive depending on Canada Post.  If you need a card immediately DO NOT select the mail option.

The registration number field does not need to be filled for the process to work.

The batch upload option is for clubs only.  Individuals who have multiple cards should use the individual creation button.

If your picture does not crop don't worry, submit the picture as is.  We at the office have the ability to crop the photo.

Anyone can pickup the cards, it does not have to be the individual that the card is for.

The EODSA does not take drop ins any longer.  All cards must be done online and then w can either mail it or you can pick it up.

Thank you,