Ontario Soccer Procedures regarding Ontario Registered Academies (ORA)

Section 3.0 Organizations
7.1 Ontario Registered Academies (ORA) ORA is an Ontario Soccer designation of an academy (private) which is annually recognized by Ontario Soccer. All academies with ORA status maintain a technical and organizational standard and in turn, are entitled to several benefits within Ontario Soccer Structure. i. An Ontario Registered Academy shall affiliate with Ontario Soccer and be subject to the Published Rules of that organization. ii. An Ontario Registered Academy is a for-profit registered organization that organises teams, registers all players, team officials and administrators of their organizations. iii. An Ontario Registered Academy must operate with the defined boundaries of the District Association in which they reside unless they have obtained written permission and approval of Ontario Soccer. iv. Every Ontario Registered Academy operation teams at the Youth level or Grassroots soccer level shall register not less than four teams or four Grassroots game day rosters. v. All Ontario Registered Academy under the jurisdiction of Ontario Soccer shall place their players at the service of Ontario Soccer.
7.2 Process for Obtaining ORA Status i. ORA Standards and all Operational details can be found on the Ontario Soccer website. ii. An ORA shall be eligible to annually apply to Ontario Soccer for Ontario Registered Academy status. iii. The application will be on a form to be provided by Ontario Soccer. iv. The application must be accompanied by the applicable application fee in accordance with Ontario Soccer’s Schedule of Fees as approved by the Ontario Soccer Board v. Ontario Soccer Administrative Staff will review the application and other required documents and fee to ensure that the application is complete. vi. Ontario Soccer Technical Staff will conduct an audit of each new ORA applicant in order to ensure that there is total compliance with Ontario Soccer's requirements. vii. The application will be considered for approval by the Ontario Soccer Board and if the requirements are met, will approve the Academy as an ORA. viii. The ORA shall annually register all of its participants with Ontario Soccer. ix. The ORA shall be audited by a member of Ontario Soccer's technical staff to ensure compliance with Ontario Soccer requirements. x. If an ORA fails to meet Ontario Soccer's requirements as part of the annual audit, it shall have its Ontario Registered Academy status revoked by the Ontario Soccer Chief Executive Officer