Hosting Tournament/Festival
Application To Host
Mini Festival U12 and Younger  New for 2016 - All Festivals are 1 Day Events
Youth & Sr. Tournament - U13 and Older
Supplementary Form

Submit with Application to District (electronic form)

Along with appropriate Fees and Bond

Tournament/ Festival Rules
Letter of Invitation
Tournament/Festival Application Form
Tournament/Festival Supplementary Form
Tournament Forms
Tournament/Festival Report Form (Due 30 Days after Tournament/Festival)
OSA Disciplinary Summary Form (Due 7 days after Tournament/Festival)
Dismissal Form (Due 48 hours after tournament)
Referee Assault Form
Special Incident Report Form
Tournament Report: Due 30 Days after Tournament/Festival

Tournament/Festival Report Form

The E.O.D.S.A. tournament/festival report form must be completed and include:

a) A list of participating teams
b) A list of teams failing to show or to play all games
c) A complete summary of all serious injuries and the Accident/Injury Reports (Game Sheets)
d) Tournament Schedule and results, including referees used for each game.
(Please include referees first and last names)
e) All Travel Permits for teams outside the District

Information OSA Tournament Listing
Tournament Policy
Application Deadlines:  
 N. American & International
120 days prior to tournament
Inter-Provincial 90 days prior to tournament
 Inter-District 30 days prior to tournament


Tournament/Festival Bonds  1 - 30 teams
31 - 100 teams $250.00
100 + teams
Application Fees
Tournament/Festival Fee to EODSA 50% of highest entry fee per application submitted
Inter-Provincial and North American Fee to EODSA
International Fee to OSA