Travel Permits

Ontario Soccer "On-Line" Forms for Tournaments.

ATF: Pasted below is the process for Team Officials, Clubs and the District Association.

The process for approval of Travel Permits:
1. Team Official creates an account on the website.
2. Team Official completes a Travel Permit Form (ATF) and uploads a sanction document for exhibition game outside EODSA or event outside Ontario.
3. Team Official notifies Club they have entered a Travel Permit Online.
4. Club Official reviews application and approves through the CTMS System.
5. Club Official sends e-mail to District requesting approval of permit - Includes Application#, Age Group and Travel Dates in Subject Line
6. District approves application through online system.
7. Team Official receives e-mail confirmation that application is approved.
8. Team Official can print approved application from CTMS System.

Team Official User Guide
Club Official User Guide

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