Discipline Fees/Fines
Discipline Fees/Fines
Charged To 
Discipline Hearing Administrative Fee ** (DBH)
Club of the Player
Club of the Team Official/Coach
Club (for cases of referee assault by a Club's Spectator, player, team official, club officials)
Club (for cases involving spectators)
Discipline By Review Administrative Fee
Player $50.00
Team Official
Administrator $50.00
Request Fee
For Hearing (Accused DBR)
For Hearing when suspended
Postponement of Discipline Hearing
Suspension Review Fee
Suspended Person
Failure to attend a discipline hearing (when requested to do so)
Team Official
Game Official
Administrator $100.00
Club $200.00
Appeal Fees
to EODSA (Accused or Organization) $100.00
to Ontario Soccer (Accused or Organization)
to Canada Soccer (Accused or Organization)
Withdrawal 1/2 of fee
to Ontario Soccer Executive Appeals Committee $500.00
to Ontario Soccer Executive Appeals Committee (game official assault)
Failure to attend a General Meeting of the Association
Club $100.00
For all Standard Misconduct Penalties
Club/Player/Administrator/Official OSA Policy 9
Table 5-11

  •  A Discipline Hearing Administrative Fee may only:
    • be charged if the accused person is found guilty
    • in the case of a player, team official, or club administrator, be charged to the Club with which the guilty person is registered to or affiliated; and
    • be charge to an organization when it has been found guilty of a charge of misconduct